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Re;member translation finished

2017. július 27. - johni196


Another horror game now translated! This one in particular has been quite well-regarded, in fact, one of the most highly well-regarded of this year so far. I highly recommend it.

Title: Re;member
Author: Keespring
Published: 2014 March 02
Last update (translated version): 2014 June 16 17:44:05 UTC
Created in: RPG Maker VX (probably requires RTP)
Endings: 3 (2 bad, 1 true)
Author’s homepage:


Hints for the endings can be found in the readme.txt. There are 6 chapters, but only the true ending allows you to go past chapter 2. There are no puzzles to solve beyond chapter 2. Small warning: to the end, the words get very fast. You’ll have to read very quick in order to keep pace!

Lzh version:;member.lzh

Link for download for RPG Maker VX RTP.

I did do some checking beforehand, but there still may be some text that have escaped my attention, so if you find any, please report it to me.

Videos: to be found here





It scored well in everything except originality. Well, I guess that some may feel this game to be similar to something else, but it still pulled it off very well, even if it uses ideas similar to others, and I was able to appreciate this very much despite this.

Next up: Evil Lord Girl Elly (魔王少女エリ), which still stands as my most favorite RPG Maker/Wolf RPG Editor game so far.

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